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Did you know that you can choose your Physical Therapist? If you prefer the convenience of having Physical Therapy sessions close to home, talk with your doctor about a Physical Therapy referral to Bullock County Hospital.

Bullock County Hospital’s Physical Therapists understand that pain free movement is vital to your quality of daily life. Our Physical Therapy department can help you return to your highest level of activity, improve strength, decrease pain, and prevent further complications. Our goal is to assist patients to returning to a more normal, active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

After an evaluation, our licensed Physical Therapists work closely with the patient and and the patient’s doctor to develop an individualized treatment plan. Based on the evaluation and input from the patient, the Physical Therapist implements a treatment program that includes various exercises to improve strength, range of motion, endurance, and coordination.

Therapy at Bullock County Hospital is offered Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, excluding major holidays. Appointments and inquiries may be made by calling (334) 738-1419.

Physical Therapy

Assisting patients to return to a more normal, active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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