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Bullock County Hospital

Where Caring Counts

Our Mission and Vision


Generation after generation has entrusted Bullock County Hospital with the health of their families. Since 1951, when the hospital opened, BCH has been a cornerstone of the Union Springs community. For more than five decades, we have been recognized by our patients, physicians and staff, and the rural counties we serve as a quality healthcare provider.

Our mission has always been to serve the community with compassionate care. Our commitment to our patients remains the same today.

Our Services

Emergency Services

Should an unfortunate accident or unexpected illness occur, the highly skilled medical professionals in the Bullock County Hospital Emergency Department are there for you!

Gateway at Bullock County Hospital offers inpatient psychiatric care for adults ages 19-54 whose acute symptoms require a safe and structured therapeutic environment.

The team of clinical specialists at Bullock County Hospital offer acute psychiatric stabilization for older adults with dementia, depression, anxiety, late life mood disorders, and other symptoms of psychosis.

Inpatient Medical Services

The inpatient medical unit at Bullock County Hospital treats patients that require either chronic or acute level care.


Bullock County Hospital offers a 24hr on-site laboratory. We perform many routine labs that are ordered from many doctors of all disciplines.

Physical Therapy

If you prefer the convenience of having Physical Therapy sessions close to home, talk with your doctor about a Physical Therapy referral to Bullock County Hospital

At Bullock County Hospital we offer X-ray, CT, Mammography, and Ultrasound. Allow our team to assist you and have quality imaging close to home.

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